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Saint by Dick Maas
Saint - Saint Nicholas is not the kind-hearted children's friend people think he is.


Saint Nicholas is not the kind-hearted children's friend people think he is.

In the Middle Ages the bloodthirsty bishop St. Nicholas and his gang raped, murdered and plundered his way across the country before the people took the law into their own hands and burned them all to death in their ship. Now, every time there is a full moon on December 5, the bloodthirsty bishop will rise from the dead and slaughter as many children as possible. This story takes place in Amsterdam on a misty, snowy and terrible December night.

88’  / 35mm / colour

Director: Dick Maas
Producer: Tom de Mol Productions (NL), Co-prod: Parachute Pictures  (NL)
Sc: Dick Maas   
Cast: Egbert-Jan Weeber (BOLLYWOOD HERO), Huub Stapel (THE DARK HOUSE, THREE HEARTS), Caro Lenssen (NIGHT RUN), Bert Luppes (THE HAPPY HOUSEWIFE). 
Completed: 2010

Festivals a.o:
Tribeca Film Festival
Beijing International Film Festival - BIFF
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia
San Sebastián Horror and Fantasy Festival
London Film Festival - FrightFest
Espoo Ciné International Film Festival
Montréal Film Festival - Fantasia
Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival - NIFFF

Dick Maas:
MOORDWIJVEN (2007, feature), DOWN (2001, feature), DO NOT DISTURB (1999, feature), FLODDER 3 (1995, feature), FLODDER DOES MANHATTAN (1990, feature), AMSTERDAMNED (1987, feature), FLODDER (1986, feature), DE LIFT (1983, feature).

Tom de Mol Productions
Ph: +31 20 672 77 07
F:   +31 20 672 77 25

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15-11-2010  Saint Golden Film

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